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Posted: 12:00 a.m. Thursday, April 05, 2018

The new iKeyp Bolt smart home safe is the first of its kind to keep valuables locked up and controlled from anywhere.
Sure it’s handy just to speak, and my lights turn on or control my sprinklers with a smartphone. But having the iKeyp Bolt secured in place to store medicine, money, passports, jewelry, and more, all in the same place is pretty innovative.
That is what the iKeyp Bolt is all about. The safe can be opened or closed in three ways; a keypad on the front, an emergency key or with a smartphone app (iOS and Android) from anywhere.
There’s no installation, just put in four AA batteries and find a location for the safe. The great thing is that nothing is permanent. You can move it anywhere, anytime since its just 6.0-by-12.8-by-3.4-inches and 2.89.pounds.
In addition to opening or closing the safe from anywhere with your smartphone, you can get real-time notifications when the safe has been opened or closed by anyone, giving you 24/7 monitoring. This includes failed keypad attempt notifications.
Loud alerts can also be set to come from the device when opened.
Think of uses for the iKeyp Bolt, not only in your home, but an elderly parent’s home, and even a dorm room. $149