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Everyone’s got something to hide. And whether it be a set of keys, important documents, expensive jewellery or medication, it’s important to have somewhere safe to store it. That’s where iKeyp comes in.

Currently plugging away over on Indiegogo, iKeyp is an app-controlled smart safe that lets you track and control security for your stuff from anywhere in the world.

iKeyp actually started out life as a measure to protect children, families and communities from the impact of the drug abuse epidemic in the US. But when its New York-based saw the potential iKeyp had for being a versatile safe for all kinds of belongings, they knew they were onto something special.

iKeyp is a slim, portable little safe with a waterproof digital keypad, WiFi connectivity, smart sensors and a companion app. Put something valuable inside it, and you can use the app to remotely control access to it, get tamper alerts if someone tries to access, move or tilt the safe, and even alerts when it hasn’t been accessed.

The latter feature is an obvious boon for caregivers or family members who want to closely monitor a loved one’s medication intake. A person on medication can access iKeyp with the physical keypad, while a family member or caregiver can track access and take over access remotely using the app.

If a medication-dependant person hasn’t opened the safe to take their medication that day, the caregiver in charge of iKeyp will get an alert. They’ll get alerts when iKeyp has been accessed too, which is handy for keeping track of dosage.

As well as notification when there’s iKeyp activity, the app keeps a log for users to flick back on and see a history of every time it was accessed. If ever someone tries to access it when they’re not supposed to or a wrong access code is used, theft-deterring siren built into iKeyp will sound and the app will flag it up straight away.

iKeyp will even warn users if it gets left open too long, which might indicate that someone has forgotten to put medication back in the cabinet or has put its contents somewhere else.

It’s clear to see why iKeyp could be an invaluable tool for monitoring and controlling medication intake, but it’s also a brilliant personal safe in its own right. It’s humidity resistant to keep delicate objects safe, and small and portable enough to carry in a suitcase or bag on your travels.

If iKeyp is the thing you need, you can pre-order it now from Indiegogo for $99 (around £80).