In the Home
Making Your Home That Much Smarter and Safer

Create a safe space in any room to protect the items and the people who are most important to you. With real-time security alerts sent to your phone, you’ll know where your stuff is stored even if you’re halfway across the world.

Give yourself one less thing to worry about.

iKeyp storing medication

In the kitchen

  • Spare keys
  • Cash, credit keys, checks
  • Pocket knives
iKeyp in the kitchen

In the bathroom

  • Sharp beauty tools (tweezers, razors, scissors)
  • Prescription medications
  • Jewelry
iKeyp in the bathroom

In the bedroom

  • Personal/private items
  • Cash, credit cards, checks
  • Prescription medications
iKeyp in the bedroom

In the office & living room

  • Important documents (wills, contracts, property deeds)
  • Identification cards (passport, Social Security card, driver’s license)
  • USB drives
iKeyp in the office

Did you know…

There are over 1,100 calls to poison control centers each day about young children getting into adult medications. Infants and toddlers are natural explorers, and misplaced or easily accessible prescription medications could be very harmful if taken incorrectly. Child-proof your home with the iKeyp Pro®, and guide those curious hands toward safer, more exciting toys.