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By Stephanie Topacio Long

There are certain items that belong under lock and key, and in many cases, prescription drugs are among them. To try and prevent theft and increase drug adherence, Solo Technology Holdings, LLC has launched its first product: the iKeyp, a smart safe designed to secure medications as well as small valuables.

The smartphone-enabled safe is designed with a humidity-resistant seal to guard its contents against the elements and other potential threats. On top of that, the digital combination keypad is water-resistant, and the iKeyp features a motion detector, three-axis sensor, and shock and vibration monitor. If the safe is disturbed, it will send a real-time security alert to you via text, email, or mobile app.

If you don’t have a smartphone, audio and visual alerts will go off instead. You’ll also be notified if the iKeyp is low on battery, out of Wi-Fi range, or if its door has been left open. On top of that, you can set reminders, so you’ll get an alert at a designated time if you need to take your medicine or retrieve your passport, for example. The iKeyp app will even let you view weekly summaries of medication adherence metrics.

The safe is intended to be both convenient and portable. As such, it is small and lightweight for use at home or while traveling. In either case, the iKeyp fits inside medicine cabinets and drawers, and its expanding wings will lock it in place. When you need to open it, you can use the safe’s keypad, its manual lock, or your smartphone.

The safe is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo. It is already too late for super early bird pricing, but iKeyp safes can be purchased for $99. Products are expected to begin shipping in March.