iKeyp Pro

General Information

What is the intended use of the iKeyp?

The iKeyp is the world’s first smart safe for personal items that need to be securely stored yet regularly accessed.

Who can use the iKeyp?

Anyone can use the iKeyp to keep almost anything private and secure. Parents, teenagers, college students, seniors and anyone desiring privacy and security of their personal property should use the iKeyp.

What can I store in the iKeyp?

You can store anything you want to keep private or secure such as prescription medications, currency, passports, event tickets, jewelry, valuables, documents, media drives and other personal items.

What should I avoid storing in the iKeyp?

Some of the items that should not be stored in the iKeyp are the iKeyp backup keys, the iKeyp registration card, any type of solvent, flammable items, accelerants, bio-hazardous material, perishable goods, live animals or insects. If you don’t think it should go in the iKeyp, it probably shouldn’t.

How does the iKeyp work?

The iKeyp is the smartest safe – it connects to the internet through your home Wi-Fi network and sends various real-time notifications and reminders to your smartphone through the free companion iKeyp mobile app, which is available in the App Store or on Google Play.

What are the basic security features of the iKeyp?

The iKeyp is equipped with many sophisticated security features including an accelerometer which provides critical security functions such as three-axis tilt, vibration- and shock-sensing as well as motion and free-fall detection. The iKeyp also features a siren for audible alerts directly from the safe as well as bright multi-color LEDs that shows the status of the safe with a quick glance at the keypad. Further, because the iKeyp can be connected to the internet, the safe sends out real-time notifications including security alerts to your smartphone.

What are the medication adherence reminders?

The iKeyp provides intelligent medication reminders that only alert you if you haven’t accessed your medication. By using the iKeyp mobile app scheduling feature, a person can input their medication window (the time frame when you take your medication, for example, 7:00am – 7:30am daily). If you open the iKeyp during the medication window (or 30 minutes beforehand), you will not receive a medication reminder because that is the expected behavior for medication adherence. If you DO NOT open the safe during your custom medication window (or 30 minutes beforehand), you will receive a real-time alert on your smartphone.

What are the dimensions of the iKeyp Pro?

The exterior size is 6.0″ h x 12.8” w x 3.4” d and the interior storage compartment is 5.6” h x 8.4” w x 2.5” d.  The iKeyp Pro weighs 4.1 lbs. with 4 AA batteries installed, and with the wings fully extended, has a width of 22.6″.

Connected Mode Features

Basic “Connected Mode” Features

  • Remotely unlock your iKeyp to grant access while away.
  • Receive real-time alerts, notifications, and reminders.
  • Manage your iKeyp from the convenience of your smartphone.
  • Track and monitor medication usage and adherence.
  • Keep an eye on your iKeyp’s battery life and be notified when it is time to replace.
  • Share access to your iKeyp and send alerts to others you authorize.
  • Create a calendar of custom, user-defined reminders.
  • Download new features firmware updates.
  • Quickly access customer support.

Offline Mode Features

Basic “Offline Mode” and Other General Features

  • Three Ultra-Bright LED Icons
  • Ultra-Loud Piezo Siren
  • Water-Resistant Digital Keypad
  • Humidity-Resistant Interior Compartment
  • Backup Key Access

Registration and First-time Setup

What do I need to consider when setting up my iKeyp for the first time?

There are two primary things to consider when setting up your iKeyp: where you want to install it and whether you want to connect it to the internet to enable the 24/7 real-time security alerts and notifications on your smartphone.

Where can I download the iKeyp App?

The iKeyp App is available in the App Store or on Google Play.

What is the 8-digit security registration code used for?

The 8-digit security registration code ensures that the owner, and only the owner, can register the safe and assign account users. The owner of the iKeyp must keep this number private and protected at all times.

Where do I find the 8-digit security registration code?

The 8-digit security registration code can be found on the registration card packed inside the original retail box and it is assumed that only the owner of the iKeyp Pro will have access to this card.

PLEASE NOTE: It is extremely important to safeguard this card because it allows for remote opening of the iKeyp and the assignment of other account users and privileges. Please be sure to hide this card along with the iKeyp backup keys in a very safe and private location. Do not store the registration card or backup keys inside the iKeyp.

How do I register the iKeyp?

You will automatically be registered and the warranty activated when you use the iKeyp mobile app to setup the iKeyp Pro.  If you do not wish to use your iKeyp with smartphone functionality, please call customer service to register your iKeyp at 1-800-485-8904.

How does the iKeyp Pro install and uninstall?

The iKeyp Pro has a patented no-tool installation system utilizing its expandable compression wings which allows the unit to be installed in cabinets, drawers and shelves of varying widths or depths up to 22.6”.  The wings are easily adjusted with a removable knob, which when extended during installation, exerts pressure on the side walls allowing the unit to be installed securely in seconds without drilling, screws, ugly holes or sticky tape.  The iKeyp Pro can also be removed in seconds with the quick release wing lock, and if installed properly, leaves behind no damage whatsoever.

Can I install the iKeyp Pro anywhere?

The iKeyp Pro with its patented no-tool extendable wings can fit into any standard medicine cabinets that have 3.25” depth, as well as most other cabinets or drawers with widths or depths less than 22.6”.  The iKeyp Pro can also be installed freestanding with the wings retracted for limitless location possibilities and for easy on-the-go travel.

Why do I have to be careful when installing the iKeyp in a drawer?

While the iKeyp is perfectly at home in a drawer, it creates some challenges for the motion detection because the opening and closing of the drawer will cause the tamper alarm to sound. It is for this reason that the tamper alarm is set to “off” by the default. The tamper alarm can be toggled to “on” by referencing the quick start guide or by going to the motion detection section of this page.

Wi-Fi Connection

Do I need a Wi-Fi internet connection to set up and use my iKeyp?

A Wi-Fi connection will ease the registration process and offer the most security. Initially, the iKeyp Safe uses your Wi-Fi network and the iKeyp smartphone app to automate registration, activate the warranty and configure the product. The iKeyp app on your smartphone receives real-time security alerts, medication reminders and maintenance alerts. A Wi-Fi connection also allows the iKeyp to receive remote open commands from the owner, other authorized users or customer service.

Without a Wi-Fi connection, you can still use your iKeyp in offline mode. You will still be able to see the LEDs and hear the audible alerts, but you will need to call customer support to register your product, activate your warranty and you will not be able to use any smartphone features.

How do I setup my iKeyp to connect to the internet over Wi-Fi?

Please download and use the companion iKeyp App available in the App Store or on Google Play to configure the iKeyp Pro to the internet.

What happens if the internet service for my Wi-Fi goes down?

If you lose your wireless internet connection, the iKeyp will not be able to send real-time alerts to your mobile phone, but the events will be stored in memory locally on the iKeyp, and when back online it will send you all the stored notifications that occurred while offline. While offline, you can still benefit from the LEDs and audible alerts as long as there are working batteries in the unit.

Warranty Activation

When does the iKeyp warranty activate?

The iKeyp One-Year Limited Warranty will activate when the device is first registered. iKeyp owners are encouraged to use the mobile app to set up their iKeyp as that process will automatically register the iKeyp and activate the warranty.

How do I claim coverage under the warranty?

Please contact customer support at 1-800-485-8904 for qualification, coverage and return options under the warranty.

Where do I find warranty Information?

You can download a copy of the warranty here

Technical Information

Does the iKeyp Pro use Wi-Fi a Bluetooth?

The iKeyp Pro connects directly to the internet through a standard home Wi-Fi router and thus provides global coverage.  We do not use Bluetooth as it does not provide internet connectivity and only functions within 30 feet of the device.

What smartphone operating systems are supported for the iKeyp mobile app?

Currently the iKeyp App is supported for use on iOS and Android devices.

Is the iKeyp FCC approved?

Yes, the iKeyp has been tested and approved for use by the FCC.

What type of batteries does the iKeyp require?

The iKeyp requires four (4) new Alkaline AA batteries(not included).  IMPORTANT:

  1. Do NOT use or place rechargeable batteries in the iKeyp Pro battery compartment.
  2. Do NOT mix old and new batteries.
  3. Do NOT mix alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc), or rechargeable batteries.

What is the expected battery life?

The four (4) AA batteries are expected to last approximately four (4) months under normal usage conditions. Normal use is considered to be opening and closing the iKeyp two (2) times per day.

Why am I seeing an old battery level?

When the safe is quality control checked at the safe, batteries are inserted and the unit is tested. The level of those batteries may have been recorded to the safe prior to registration. When registration occurs, this factory information is discarded but if for some reason you did not successfully connect your safe to the cloud services, then your mobile app may still be reporting the old battery level. Simply insert fresh batteries into the safe and then connect the safe to the cloud services and your new battery level should be visible in the mobile app. You may need to go back to the dashboard and return to the devices to see the updated device value.

Does the iKeyp work with multiple users on the same unit?

Yes, the iKeyp App allows you to have one owner and multiple users for each iKeyp. The owner of the iKeyp can invite other users to share the iKeyp by simply logging into the mobile app or web portal and sending out an email invitation.

Why does the iKeyp go to “sleep”?

The iKeyp goes to “sleep” for a number of reasons. “Sleeping” means the safe is not connected to the internet (though it is still actively sensing various types of events and remains fully armed!). Here are the main reasons the iKeyp goes to “sleep”:

  1. Physical Security – This is intended to ensure that someone is physically in front of the iKeyp to “wake it up” during a remote open and it is not accidentally opened without a designated person being present to retrieve, store or audit the contents.
  2. Network Security – By only opening an internet connection for a short period of time, the iKeyp minimizes external network threats.
  3. Conserve Energy – By only awakening to send events or when being used, the iKeyp conserves energy.

Why do I need to wake up the iKeyp?

As a security precaution, iKeyp products have been programmed to be accessible through remote opening only when someone is physically in front of the device. This feature prevents a person from remotely opening the iKeyp from their smartphone without knowing that a responsible person is physically in front of the unit to retrieve or store what is needed at the time (and to close the unit).

How do I wake up the iKeyp?

Press any button on the keypad to wake up the device. If the iKeyp was previously registered and connected, this will wake up the safe and the Wi-Fi LED will briefly blink blue/yellow before turning to a solid blue to signify a successful connection.

Installation and Removal

iKeyp Pro Installation Video

iKeyp Pro 30-Second Installation Video

What are the “expandable wings”?

The iKeyp Pro has expandable wings which may be used to secure the safe in a cabinet, drawer, or other suitable location. Carefully follow the steps below to install the iKeyp Pro and optionally arm the safe with tamper detection. Please note that using the expandable wings may not be able to prevent the safe from being removed without authorization in all circumstances.

How do I use the expandable wings to secure the iKeyp?

  1. Ensure the Wing Lock inside the safe compartment is positioned on the right side (indicated by “Lock”).
  2. Position the iKeyp Pro as evenly spaced as possible between any two (2) fixed sidewalls, such as within a medicine cabinet, kitchen cabinet, bathroom vanity, or bedroom drawer, with a maximum spread between the two sidewalls of 22.6”. The safe does NOT need to be in the exact center, as the wings, when extended outward, will gently move and center the safe for proper alignment. For maximum security against unauthorized removal, make sure the back of the iKeyp Pro is touching or resting against the rear wall of the enclosure so the safe cannot be forced backwards and then pulled forward.
    IMPORTANT: Make sure there are no objects or obstructions between the sides of each wing and the fixed sidewalls.  Any object in the way will ultimately be pressed against the fixed sidewall and could prevent the wings from fully extending and may accidentally damage the surface of the fixed sidewalls, the object, or the iKeyp Pro.  Make sure the fixed sidewalls are not made of glass, mirror, or other fragile material as pressure from the wings may cause cracking or other damage.
  3. Remove the Wing Extender Knob from the safe. Install the Wing Extender Knob into the center of the Wing Extender Gear and check that it is seated firmly.
  4. To extend the wings, turn the Wing Extender Knob counter-clockwise (to the left) according to the “Extend” directional arrows on the knob.  A “clicking” sound should be heard while extending the wings.  If no clicking sound is heard while extending the wings, check to be sure the Wing Lock is positioned to the right in the “Lock” position.
    IMPORTANT: Only hand-tighten the Wing Extender Knob. Do NOT over-tighten, use extreme force or use a tool to turn the Wing Extender Knob.
    To complete the installation, keep turning the Wing Extender Knob counter-clockwise until each wing is firmly pressed against the interior sidewall of the cabinet, shelf or drawer but do not over-tighten.  The silicone Wing Pads should compress slightly to ensure a firm fit and proper grip.
  5. Once installed, be sure the leave the Wing Lock to the right in the “Lock” position to prevent the wings from retracting or losing their grip against the sidewall. For more space inside the safe, you may remove the Wing Extender Knob and cover the Wing Extender Gear with the included Wing Extender Gear Cover.  Securely store the Wing Extender Knob together with the Backup Keys and Registration Card but please NEVER place them inside the iKeyp at any time.
  6. If you are installing the iKeyp Pro in a drawer, please see the next section. If you are NOT installing the iKeyp Pro in a drawer, it is recommended to set motion detection to On to maximize security.  Your iKeyp Pro has been shipped with this feature set to Off by default.  To change this setting follow the on-screen instructions using the iKeyp App for smartphones or read instructions online at

I want to install the product in a drawer, can I do that?

If you plan to install or keep the iKeyp Pro in a drawer, please ensure the Tamper Alert feature is toggled/set to Off (it was shipped this way by default).

Tamper Detection

Toggle Tamper Detection

The iKeyp has a sophisticated tamper detection system that reacts to motion, free-fall, shock, vibration and three-axis tilting. By default, the tamper detection system is factory set to OFF.

The tamper detection system can be toggled between ON and OFF as follows: with the door open, press and hold the “0” key for 5 seconds until the safe beeps, then release the “0” key. The tamper detection system will toggle between ON and OFF with each use of this sequence.

Access Codes

Access Codes

To set your 4-8 digit access code:

  1. With the door open, press and hold the “ENT” key until the unit beeps.
  2. Enter a 4-8 digit access code on the keypad then press the “ENT” key. The unit will beep and the “Status” LED will flash yellow three times and then turn solid yellow.
  3. Re-enter the same access code again and then press “ENT” key to confirm the new user access code.

If the combination is accepted, the iKeyp Pro will beep and the “Status” LED will flash green three times. Otherwise, the LED will flash red three times and you must repeat steps 1 through 3.

Types of User Accounts

  • Device Owner
    A person who is the registered owner of a device. A device may only have one owner. A device owner has full access as a device user, a device subscriber, and device operator. Typically, this person would be the actual iKeyp customer who purchased the device, but may also be a caregiver or designated person who will be primarily responsible for registering and monitoring the device(s).
  • Device User
    A person who has been granted access to the device by a device owner. A device user may be delegated remote access to the device. A device user has full access as a device subscriber.
  • Device Guardian
    A person who has been granted permission by a device owner to the device to additionally approve or reject remote requests to unlock and access the device. A device guardian has full access as a device subscriber.
  • Device Subscriber
    A person who has been granted permission by a device owner to the device to monitor and receive notifications about the device and its access. A device monitor, unlike a device user, may not remotely interact with the device but is a passive monitor of device activity only.

Adding Users

How do I add a user?

To add a user, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the iKeyp app.
  2. From the main screen, select “Access Settings”.
  3. Enter the email address of the user you want to add.
  4. Choose the specific iKeyp(s) you want the new user to have access to.
  5. Follow any remaining on-screen instructions.

Remote Opening

I am trying to remote open the iKeyp and it is not working?

The most common problem with remote opening is that the unit is “sleeping”. You can confirm the iKeyp is awake by checking to make sure the Wi-Fi LED is solid blue. If it is not, momentarily press any button on the keypad to wake up the device. The Wi-Fi LED will briefly blink blue/yellow before the LED turns into a solid blue.

Does the safe know when the door is still open?

The safe does report when the door is opened and closed but due to the nature of how these events are recorded, it is not entirely possible to know the exact state of the safe’s door. For example, the safe may go to sleep with the door open. No event will be recorded if the door is closed while the safe is a sleep. The last known state of the door would therefore be that it is “open” when in fact it is “closed.” Therefore when unlocking the safe via the mobile app or using the customer web console, the “Unlock Device” action will make the assumption that the safe is online and the door is closed. You may receive a warning when the safe is unable to respond (i.e.: the safe is offline). You will not receive a warning if the door is already opened. The event recorded when unlocking the safe successfully will be that the door was opened (even if the door was technically already in the “open” state). The safe does not have door state detection, but can while connected, detect when the door is opened or closed. While connected, the opening of the door will trigger a door timeout notification form the cloud services. If after the timeout, the cloud did not receive a door closed event then the notification will be pushed out to mobile app users to have them verify the state of their safe’s door in case they forgot to close the door all the way. If the door is closed and the cloud services received this event then notification is dismissed automatically.


The iKeyp was shipped locked in the retail box, how do I open it?

Because the iKeyp Pro ships without batteries and the safe door closed, you can only first open it by inserting one of the backup keys into the keyhole and turning the key counter-clockwise until the safe compartment door opens. Please note, the two backup keys are packed in a small plastic bag and placed in the door handle on the outside of the safe. PLEASE REMEMBER TO NEVER PLACE EITHER BACKUP KEY IN THE IKEYP AT ANY TIME.

How do I install new batteries?

Open the iKeyp by inserting one of the backup keys into the keyhole and turning the key counter-clockwise until the safe compartment door opens. The battery compartment is located on the inside left side wall. Push the lip of the battery compartment cover towards the back of the unit to open the compartment cover. Once open, insert four (4) new Alkaline AA batteries into the battery compartment, ensuring correct polarity as shown in the Quick Start Guide or on the inside of the battery compartment door. Carefully align and securely close the battery compartment cover.

There is no power or nothing works, what can I do?

Make sure fresh batteries are inserted correctly paying close attention to polarity as shown in the Quick Start Guide and on the inside of the battery compartment door. If there is still no power or the LED lights do not illuminate upon a key press on the keypad (other than in a keypad lockout), try inserting new batteries.

The silicon wing pads have shifted position, is this normal?

The silicon wing pads are purposefully designed to be easily removed prior to installation by those customers who do not want to use the wings to physical secure the unit in place. In some circumstances, you may see that your wing pads have slipped a bit. If that is the case, just peel them off keeping the adhesive backing on the pad and simply re-apply them to their original position.

I installed the unit towards the front of my kitchen cabinet using the expandable wings and it does not feel secure, how can I improve the installation.

We recommend installing the iKeyp so its back is firmly touching the rear of a cabinet wall to maximize installation stability.

The Tamper alarm siren will not turn off?

Simply enter your user access code and press the “ENT” key to turn off the alarm (Note: If you also want to open the iKeyp, enter your user access code and “ENT” again to open the unit). You can also use the backup key to open the unit which will also automatically turn off the alarm.

I entered the wrong code three (3) times and now the iKeyp keypad is locked.

[Note: A locked keypad means the when any key is pressed, none of the LED lights on the keypad turn on and the device appears to have dead batteries]

For security reasons, entering a wrong passcode 3 times in a row will result in a timed lockout of the keypad.  Wait five (5) minutes and try again.  A user can also use the back-up key at any time to open the unit, and if needed, then reset the user passcode following the user access code reset instructions.

I lost my backup keys and I forgot my user access combination.

There are several options:

If the owner has the registration card that was shipped in the retail package, that person can verify ownership of the iKeyp by providing the security registration number and serial number on the registration card to customer support1-800-485-8904. Once ownership has been verified, you may either:

  1. Ask for a new code to be programmed over the phone, have a new code sent via text to the mobile number on file or sent via email to the owner’s email address on file.
  2. If the safe is connected to the internet (it has a solid blue Wi-Fi LED on the safe keypad when awake), customer support can send a remote open command to open your iKeyp. From there, a user may reset their user access code following the standard procedure.
  3. Ask customer support to mail a replacement backup key for a nominal fee.

If you DO NOT have a registration card or are not able to produce the security registration number, you should contact the owner of the iKeyp and have them work with support on your behalf.

Where do I find my serial number?

The serial number of the unit can be found in three (3) places:

  1. It is printed on the iKeyp Registration Card.
  2. It is on the bottom of your iKeyp retail packaging box.
  3. It is on the FCC/Legal sticker on the back of the iKeyp unit.

Where do I find the 8-digit security registration code?

This is ONLY located on your registration card. After set-up, we highly recommend that you store the registration card in a secure place (but never inside your iKeyp). It is also recommended to store this with at least one of the backup keys.

The mobile app is installed on my smartphone and the iKeyp is connected to the internet, but I am not getting any notifications?

If the iKeyp App is open on your smartphone, you will not get system notifications (alerts and reminders), but the notifications will still always appear in the app.


If the iKeyp App is closed on your smartphone, and you are not getting system notifications (alerts and reminders), you need to open the iKeyp App in “Settings” on your smartphone and ensure that “Allow Notifications” is on. If needed, please see the specific device for more information on how to enable application system alerts.


If either solution above does not work, delete the iKeyp App on your smartphone and reinstall it directly from either the App Store or Google Play. When installing, if prompted, make sure to click “YES” to allow push notifications for the iKeyp App.

I am having trouble downloading and installing the iKeyp App, what should I do?

To be safe, if having trouble, always delete the prior version or instance of an app before downloading a new one, even if that prior version or instance never worked properly.

What kind of “reset” options are there?

Soft Reset (always try this first)
Restarts device. Keeps all settings including the latest firmware version installed.
Open the iKeyp door, remove the battery cover for 5 seconds, reinstall/close the battery cover.

Hard Reset (try this if the Soft Reset does not work)
Soft Reset plus erases all of the stored Wi-Fi settings only.  Keeps the latest firmware version installed.
Open the iKeyp door, remove the battery cover for 5 seconds, press and hold down the “CLR” key on the keypad, reinstall/close the battery cover while continuing to hold the “CLR” key. Once the battery cover is firmly closed and you hear the lock motor churn, release the “CLR” key, and you will hear the motor churn again and the LEDs will begin to light up.

Combined Reset (try this if the hard reset does not work)
Hard Reset plus resets the Wi-Fi Router and Modem.  Keeps the latest firmware version installed.
1) Perform a Hard Rest (as described above) and then 2) Cycle the power “off” and “on” for both your modem and wireless router according to the manufacturers instructions.  In almost all cases, this is simply just unplugging, waiting 10 seconds, and plugging back in your equipment. In some cases, you may have just one device that is a combined modem & wireless router, and in this case, you only need to reset (unplugging, waiting 10 seconds, and plugging back in) that single device.

Document Downloads

To download the iKeyp Pro Quick Start Guide, please click here.

To download the iKeyp Pro Limited Warranty and FCC Statement, please click here.

Firmware Updates

Why does my iKeyp need to update its firmware?

The iKeyp has been thoughtfully engineered with the capability to update its firmware in real-time. This means that the iKeyp can be remotely and securely updated with new features and enhancements as they are developed in the future.

How do I know if my iKeyp is actively updating the firmware?

The Wi-Fi LED will be solid blue and the status icon will be flashing yellow/green.

How long does a typical firmware update take?

It usually takes about 2 minutes for the iKeyp to download and install the firmware.

How will I know if the firmware download has been installed?

You will hear the lock motor turn on when the safe has finished rebooting after a firmware download.

What if my iKeyp gets disconnected from the internet during a firmware update?

The iKeyp will automatically attempt to download the remaining portion of the firmware when it is next online. This can be manually triggered by pressing any key on the keypad to wake up the device (solid blue Wi-Fi LED).

Support Options

How can I contact customer support to obtain help with my iKeyp?

Telephone (available 7 days a week between 8:00am and 11:00pm (ET)): 800-485-8904

What is the expected response time to get a reply?

Customer service response times are generally 24 hours or less. This estimate is subject to change at any time.

Return, Warranty and Other Coverage Info

What is your return policy?

If purchased from, customers have 30 days from the date of purchase to request a refund. Customers are responsible for covering the cost of return shipping. Once we receive your returned product(s) and proof of purchase, you will be refunded the full amount of the returned device(s) to the original payment source used.

If purchased from a retailer or other channel, customers must follow the return policy of the entity from which the unit was purchased.

Do I need an RMA label?

Yes, an RMA or Return Merchandize Authorization label allows us to process your return as quickly as possible and guarantees we can track your return once we receive it at our warehouse. Returning a product to our warehouse without an RMA is not recommended and there is no guarantee that we will find the return even if it is received in the mail by the warehouse.

Is there a warranty for the iKeyp?

We offer a 1-year limited warranty, a copy of which can be downloaded here.

What if someone steals my iKeyp?

Our physical security combined with the accompanying technology should prevent/deter unwanted theft. However, if your safe is stolen, please contact iKeyp support with 1) a copy of the police report including time of theft as well as 2) the serial number of the stolen unit. iKeyp Support will provide further information as may be appropriate under the circumstances.


When will my order ship?

We ship out orders Monday through Friday. All domestic orders placed through before 12:00pm EST will ship the same day. All orders placed after that time will be processed the next business day.