The Smartest Safe for everyday
peace of mind.

iKeyp® is the world’s first smart safe for items that need to be secure but are used on a daily basis.

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A smart safe for everyday accessibility.

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iKeyp Pro

iKeyp® Pro

The iKeyp Pro is equipped with extendable wings that adjust to conveniently install anywhere.

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iKeyp Bolt

iKeyp® Bolt

The iKeyp Bolt is equipped with screw holes to secure the device directly to your wall or cabinet.

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“Even the safe is now smart. The iKeyp Pro has the benefits of secure storage for things like medications, passports, and cash. It doesn’t, however, require a physical key or the sharing of a combination with others.”

Huffington Post on iKeyp

Jason Miller
Editor, Huffington Post

Opioids now kill more people than breast cancer

Opioids now kill more people than breast cancer

Some items need to be more than just 'put away'. They should be safely and smartly stored in order to protect privacy and provide security, while still allowing convenient access. The iKeyp provides a unique blend of security, technology, and simplicity.

Create a safe space in <strong>any room</strong>

Create a safe space in any room

Protect young family members and pets from getting into potentially harmful medications. Always know where your spare house and car keys are. Receive real-time alerts when someone may be tampering with your valuables, even if you are miles away from home. The possibilities are endless.

<strong>SmartKeeping</strong> for every loved one

SmartKeeping for every loved one

Keep medications out of the hands of children, help prevent drug abuse, and get notifications to help improve medication adherence.

Support when you need it

With the iKeyp, you’ll receive 24/7 security monitoring and real-time mobile alerts. We aim to make the installation process as easy as possible, but should you run into any trouble, we would love to help guide you through it! Email for support or live chat with a representative now.